School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health travel award benefits precision medicine research

Congratulations Dr Tu Nguyen-Dumont, recipient of the SCS Research Fund Travel Scheme in recognition of her research in personalised medicine.

Dr Nguyen-Dumont, a senior research fellow in the Precision Medicine group will use the $1000 grant to travel to the 7th International Symposium on Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC Symposium) in Montreal, Canada where she will present a poster, ‘BRA-STRAP: Personalized medicine to precision public health’.

BRA-STRAP is the largest, nation-wide, clinically set study of breast cancer susceptibility.

“We are performing targeted-sequencing of 24 genes commonly included on panel tests for breast cancer predisposition in 30,000 Australian women of all ages across the cancer risk spectrum, affected and unaffected with breast cancer, and their families,” Dr Nguyen-Dumont said.  

“Data on this scale exemplifies the opportunities and challenges for realising precision medicine and precision public health for breast cancer.”

Dr Nguyen-Dumont said the Symposium’s program this year provides wide clinical and population health relevance and is delivered by leaders in these fields.

“The Symposium covers topics including breast cancer biology, gene variant classification, global perspectives on clinical practice in genetics and oncology, and is an opportunity to meeting with international collaborators to advance our work,” Dr Nguyen-Dumont said.

“Our successful collaborations will contribute greatly to the University’s research quality and performance, provide considerable opportunity for multi- and interdisciplinary research at the international front line, thus enhancing the visibility and reputation of the Faculty and Monash University”.

“My participation to this conference is an excellent strategic fit with the Faculty’s identified research strengths and priorities that include cancer and precision medicine.”